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    Subject: refund denial for non providing 3g internet services by Vodafone connection id 8586874872

    I had purchased 3g internet dongle from vodaphone mini store at sector 4 gurgaon on 22/02/2015 by paying rs 1800 cash payment.right from the bigning itself I am facing connect tivity problem with this connection which was brought to the notice of sector 4 Vodafone mini store who in turn assured that some one from Vodafone will approach me to resolve the issue which never happened and I was left with no option but to speak to nodal officer in Vodafone even during my conversations with Vodafone service person who very categorical informed me that since Vodafone has connectivity issue at your place ( sector 7 Gurgaon) hence performance of you dongle can not be improved.then I asked for my refund of rs 1800 which was denied and I was told to speak to model officer of Vodafone on phone number 011-7103221 0 .i spoke to nodal officer and narrated my plight and ask for refund of rs 1800 and suitable compensation for mental agony i went through for last 4 months for which she ms Preeti agreed to refund rs 1800 but later on posed this condition that for refund i need to produce cash memo which was never issued to me by Vodafone mini store at sector 4 Gurgaon.I have made several visits to Vodaphone store situated at gurudwara road Gurgaon last visit on 7th June 2015 to surrender this connection since this connection is of no use for me since its not working at my place.
    I have simple 3 questions to ask from vodaphone.
    1.when no internet services were provided to me then why no service no pay rule should have been applicable in this case
    2. Why vodaphone is so adamond in accepting their mistake and not taking any action against mini store owner for miss selling
    3.why vodaphone is demanding for cashmemo when dealer is accepting that product was sold by him (even connection activation forms can be checked at vodaphone end to esteblish sale proof)

    I am again re-trating to vodaphone authorities to take note of my complaint and arrange refund along with suitable compensation.

    I am marking copy of this mail to consumer forum also to take note of my complaint and initiate suitable action against vodaphone so that law of land should prevail.


    Rajesh kumar
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