Airtel platinum 3G services on 900MHz band in Mumbai

Discussion in '3G' started by Jas, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Jas

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    Airtel now has a 900MHz band for the circles Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, which can be used for 2G and 3G voice services and data and also 4G LTE.
    Airtel's existing spectrum of 2100MHz will be joined with the 900MHz spectrum to provide 3G voice and data and decided to call this service Platinum 3G which would provide high speeds and around 34% faster speed than 3G services alone on the 2100MHz spectrum. With this spectrum indoor coverage would be better and videos would stream around 25% faster and battery duration would last more. Regarding voice quality well with Platinum 3G voice would be clearer than the normal voice on the normal 3G coverage.
    Mumbai users will be the first to use this Platinum service provided by Airtel.
  2. Admin

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    Speed is not really a problem even now because I get close to 5Mb/s downloading speed and close to 1.5Mb/s upload and that is way more then I require. The main problem is their data prices. The likes of MTS and Tata are selling 40GB for less then Rs1000 and Airtel is charging more then Rs1500 for 10GB. Higher speed is hardly any use if you cannot afford the service. I myself only use Airtel 3G data in an emergency otherwise I use my home and office wifi for my mobile phone.
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