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Discussion in 'Wired and Fixed wireless Broadband' started by Badal, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Badal

    Badal New Member

    I am beginning to get into gaming and have also have recently been playing a lot of games online. But my broadband connection is a bit slow and my data plan usually gets finished which means I can not play online games as much. So I am looking for a new broadband connection for gaming in Bangalore, I do not have a budget yet so taking all connections into consideration.
  2. Adi

    Adi New Member

    You can go for a BSNL connection which offers good tariff plans with good speed, other than that you can go for Airtel broadband, Reliance broadband or a local cable connection. What connection are you currently using?
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There are plenty of FTTH options available at Bangalore and those connections would give you the best latency which is exactly what you need for online gaming besides speed. Have a look at Railwire first as the prices are good and there are a lot of private operators too.
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