BSNL Broadband vs Airtel Broadband

Discussion in 'Wired and Fixed wireless Broadband' started by LungiMan, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. LungiMan

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    I am confused with getting a new broadband connection and finding it difficult to choose between BSNL broadband and Airtel broadband. There is obviously a lot involved in getting a new connection, the form filling, installation and set up, so its best to think wisely and take good advise before going for the connection, which is why I have registered on
    Both ISP's are good in their way, one is better in price and the other better in service I think, its a tough decision please post your reviews and advise on which one I should choose.
  2. AmarHirani

    AmarHirani New Member

    It would depend on the fact that you want a cheaper connection where you can handle a few disconnection problems, or pay more and have a smooth connection, with very few problems. It is also hard to say that one is better than the other because sometimes a connection in one place maybe terrible but the same connection in another location may work perfectly fine. From what I have seen both connection are perfectly good, another factor to look into is the data you will be using and which service provider gives the better data package.

    BSNL has night unlimited plans that you can use if you are a heavy downloader and Airtel broadband has no such plans to the best of my knowledge.
  3. Admin

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    BSNL does not have any night unlimited plans any more because they stopped all their night unlimited plans this month and are not taking any new customers on board that want those plans. They do have unlimited connections like one of them is a 2Mbps connection for Rs1400 something with a 20GB data limit and after you use up 20 GB you get a 1mbps speed for the rest of the month so it is fairly cheap if you ask me.

    Airtel on the other hand is known for their uptime and excellent customer care in case the connection dies on you for some reason. Airtel's network is decent too. Airtel's broadband plans are a little costlier as compared to BSNL broadband plans.
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