BSNL Modem Configuration with multiple static ips

Discussion in 'BSNL Broadband' started by dinshaw, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. dinshaw

    dinshaw New Member

    I want to configure my Teracom TDSL300W2 modem attached to our bsnl broadband connection with two static ips. First static ip attached to the modem itself which is connected to my web server through DMZ host by bsnl people. I want to connect my second server machine with the second static ip. Both machines needed almost same ports. Pl. advise the best and secured method.
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    To be honest this question would get a lot better answer at WHT. We normally deal with residential broadband connections and the issues they encounter on a regular basis. Your set up needs a good networking knowledge and I am not the best person for that.

    I am sure you would have already figured out how to do that by now as your thread is pretty old. It would be nice if you could posibly update this thread with a solution so others who come looking for a solution dont go empty handed.

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