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    BSNL recently stopped all of their night unlimited broadband plans without informing customers on time. It is still not clear if those who are already on this plan be allowed to keep their plans or would be switched to some other plans. It is to be noted that most customers still have no idea that night unlimited plans have been stopped. According to some forums the unlimited night plan customers are being billed for the usage at night since 1st of July but some customers report that their portal account says they are not being charged so there are no confirmed reports about what is really going to happen.

    BSNL came out with a couple of advertisments in the last week of June informing the end of all night unlimited plans but those advertisments only showed up in some regional news papers and I have not seen anything of that sort in any national news paper.

    I have done my part by posting this on Facebook and Google+ by informing my friends that they may be charged for night usage starting this month so they dont get a rude shock when the bill arrives.

    If any one has more information on this please post here for the benefit of the community.
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    BSNL changed my plan from bbg-FN-combo-630 to bbg-CNT-combo-630 without informing me, no call or sms. Now they send me July months bill, in which they charged me Rs. 7679 for night hour usage. what am i suppose to do...

    Everybody please Sign this Petition

    "Postpone Plan change by one month after informing customers"
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    I been using a internet operator named Perfect Internet and it has really good speed :)
    I will show my speed test and speed i get on my 10 mbps unlimited plan at rs 1300
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