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    I am looking to buy a good speed broadband connection. BSNL VDSL 3445 (BBG Super Speed Combo 3445 VDSL -- Upto 24 Mbps till 80 GB, 512 kbps beyond) is the plan I am looking forward to. But I found out that for VDSL, u have to be within 300 metres of exchange - length of the cable. Now i dont know the exact distance of my home from the exchange but i fear it to be
    either in the a) 300m to 500m range or worse b) 500m to 800m range.

    Money is not an issue upto Rs. 5k monthly, and I can very easily afford Rs.3445 per month but good speed is what I am after.

    So can anyone here tell me what possible speed I will get in distance case a) and b) above ?

    If i can get speeds of atleast 8mbps to 12mbps+, out of this 24mbps plan, in above 2 cases, I will feel ok, but I would like to get these speeds atleast. Please guide me in knowing the speeds possible. Thanks in advance.
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    For a 8 to 12mbps connection adsl 2 is more then enough. You do not need a VDSL connection. I only recently found out that BSNL provides VDSL connection.

    Lets say for example you get a 24mbps vdsl connection which will work until you download 80GB data, My question to you is have you ever used a 24Mbps connection? I am yet to come across a server that would let me download at anything more then 8-9mbps and that too only sustains for a few mins then speeds will go down.

    Ask yourself a few questions:

    What do I need a 24mbps connection for?

    If I do get a 24mbps connection would I ever need that much speed or be able to use that speed?

    If the purpose is to have multiple machines that will be used simultaneously then it all makes a lot of sense otherwise go for an adsl connection.

    Coming to your questions :

    I believe there must have been some advancement in VDSL technology if they will provide a connection for a location that is more then half a kilometer so how about leaving it to BSNL?

    From what I have read and heard, speed will go down after 300metres. What the real world impact is going to be is anybody's guess.
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