BSNL wired connection or BSNL EVDO

Discussion in 'BSNL Broadband' started by Gautam, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Gautam

    Gautam New Member

    I live in Pune and a good option for an internet connection is BSNL, but what I can not decide between is whether I should get a BSNL wired connection or a BSNL EVDO connection. Both provide good plans, but obviously the wired connection has slightly better plans, but I was also thinking that in case I need to travel then it would be convinient to have the EVDO connection. I havent used either the BSNL wired or EVDO connection so can not make any judgement to which is better, hence which is why I have registered with the forum.
  2. Admin

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    If you are a gamer and play online games then you need the wired connection for sure. Latency will be lower on wired connection as compared to wireless. EVDO on the other hand is cheaper as they have Rs750 per month plan which is unlimited and can be used all across the country. In Delhi and Mumbai you wont get evdo speed though and would find it difficult to even open Google home page.

    BSNL EVDO speed and connectivity would depend on the signal strength you get at the location where you would be using it so it is advisable to check for signal strength before buying it. Adsl connections are more stable no doubt in it. It all comes down to personal preference really.
  3. mail2lvr

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    Go with Wired Connection only as it give better speed than EVDO , and also prefer BSNL 3G connection with datacard which is better than EVDO
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    BSNL EVDO has one major advantage that it is purely unlimited for Rs750 per months with no FUP. If some one downloads a lot then this could be a good option.
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