How can I pay my BSNL Broadband bill online?

Discussion in 'BSNL Broadband' started by Ram, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Ram

    Ram New Member

    I have been paying my BSNL broadband bills by visiting the local office, but because of work timings I am unable to visit their office and make payments on time. I would like to know whether its possible to pay the BSNL broadband bills online. I know I can use my bank for the payments to be made, but there are bound to be errors in the bill and I don't want money being deducted for something which am not using or being overcharged for, so the best option for me is making payments online myself.
    Please advise how I can make BSNL broadband bill payments online and how quickly is the payment option updated on BSNL system?
  2. Admin

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  3. AmarHirani

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