How Tikona Cheats its customers

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    I have a 4Mbps unlimited connection from Tikona. The fair usage policy states that till 80GB usage, I am supposed to get a speed of 4Mbps
    My billing cycle starts on the 26th of every month. I periodically check my usage using the tool they provide on their self care portal
    On the 24th of this month, I noticed that my speed had drastically dropped to 1000Kbps.
    I spoke with an agent called Saili who did all the logical troubleshooting steps and confirmed that there was no issue either with their network or with my rooftop device. Then she found out that my connection had been moved to secondary usage since I had used my 80Gb allocation. Their tool told me that I had used approximately 72GB and not 80GB. When I insisted on speaking with a senior person, she made Omar call me
    I spoke with Omar at 9:30 AM on the 24th morning. After spending 5 to 10 minutes in explaining how the policy works, he admitted that there was a mistake from their side. He confirmed that the usage reported by their site was corrected. He offered to get it corrected

    On the 25th morning at 1AM I found that the connection was still very slow - the same 600Kbps range. I called their care number and spoke with their agent Rahul. This guy was sharp to point out quickly that my connection was in the secondary stage. He also confirmed that no corrective action was taken after I spoke with Omar almost 15 hours earlier. He offered to get it rectified in 24 hours. I knew that this was meaningless since my billing cycle would start within that time and I would get my 4Mbps connection.

    I wanted to speak with his manager and got the standard reply - no manager on floor. All seniors are busy. He offered to get some one call me

    I was pissed off and mailed Prakash Bajpai - their chairman

    "Mr. Prakash

    Since the 24th morning, I noticed that my network connection was very slow - averaging around 600 to 700Kbps.

    After the regular troubleshooting like disconnecting / reconnecting the POE, clearing cookies, clearing browsing history, safe mode with networking, etal, I spoke with an agent of yours in the morning

    a) At 9AM - 24th Jan - I had a max download speed of 1008 Kbps, upload of 486 Kbps, ping latency of 18 ms and absolutely no packet loss. I spoke with a lady called Saili. After placing me on hold a number of times she came to tell me that my connection was switched to a secondary status since I had crossed my fair usage policy. She had to place me on hold two more times to 1) tell me what plan I was on and 2) to tell me my fair usage policy of 80GB. Since she did not know what she was talking about I asked her to get me her senior
    [​IMG] Umar called me at 9:30AM. He took a long time to explain how the fair usage policy works and ultimately accepted that I had not crossed the 80GB mark - according to him and your tools, I had used 72GB between 18:30 hrs on the 25th of December and the 23rd of January. He said that he would get the issue rectified immediately
    c) This morning at 1:25 I called Rahul since I was getting a speed of 696Kbps with a latency of 23ms and no packet loss. He probably went through the previous case notes since he was quick to point out that I had crossed the fair usage policy. When I questioned him, he also placed me on hold twice before coming back to confirm that I had not crossed the 80GB mark. He said that it takes 24 hours to rectify a mistake that your systems created.
    d) I have attached 2 Excel sheets generated by your tool that allows me to download session history details.
    e) The table that I have attached, clearly says that the plan was switched to 4096Kbps secondary at 00:44 hrs on the 24th even without me crossing the 80GB mark

    I want some one from your office to call me latest by 9:30AM this morning ( 24 hours since I spoke with Umar ) to explain why this mistake was created, why it was not rectified even 16 hours after bringing it to your notice, what you propose to do with your L2 who was not able to keep his commitment and how you plan to compensate the user

    Because of this speed issue, my daughter had to request her friend use a non-Tikona connection at her house and record a video lecture that she needed for her exams next week

    For your information, I have voice recordings of the 2 calls I made Tikona and the call that Umar made"

    Promptly at 6PM that evening Prateesh called to tell me that they were investigating and would have an answer in 2 days. I reminded him that his investigations would not help me since the speed would go back to 4Mbps in the next 6 hours when my current billing cycle starts

    On the 28th of Jan Pranathi called to say that they were still investigating - by that time, I believe that the jokers felt that I would be sitting there biting my nails in anticipation of their master sleuthing.

    Today Prateesh called to inform me with all pompousness that they completed their investigation and found that the fair usage policy was indeed applied and my connection switched to secondary only after I used my quota of 80GB

    Either Prateesh was telling lies or Omar AND Rahul AND their tool was telling lies

    The only reason for posting this complaint here is to tell all prospective Tikona customers to stay away from such cheats
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