How to Pay your BSNL bill online

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    BSNL broadband is a popular ISP and there are many users across India. The one problem which a lot of BSNL broadband users face is having to pay the bill which has to be done by going to the BSNL office and this is not a something which many people look forward due to the long waiting. An easy way for BSNL broadband users to pay their bills is by doing it online from the BSNL portal. It saves time and is fast. It is not just broadband bills but also landline bills, FTTH bills, Wimax bills and Cellone bills which also can be paid along with making recharges.

    First of all users need to register on the BSNL portal site.

    Once you have registered you then need to login using your new login and password details, after which you need to add in your phone number .

    Once you have added your details you would then be able to view your pending bills you need to pay, then click on the pay now option.

    A list of payment methods will appear and you need to follow the prompts to complete the payment.

    A receipt will also be provided for the payment you have made.

    Voila your online BSNL payment has been made.
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