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Discussion in 'Mobile Internet' started by Shami, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Shami

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    I'm looking for a new broadband connection in Delhi but I don't want to spend a lot of money on the plan, and my budget lies within Rs1000. Regarding data usage well since I only do browsing and chatting on the internet I don't really use much data so I would say around 10GB would be suffice, but if my budget allows me to get more data then I may consider it as it would allow me to do a lot more downloading. Speed is not much of an issue but I'm expecting it to be at least 1mbps.
  2. Admin

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    There are no 3G mobile service provider providing 10GB data for Rs1000 but if you are willing to take your budget up to Rs1300 per month then Reliance 3G would be a good option. You could also look at MTNL 3G where you would get 200GB data for 6 months for Rs 4500 which works out a lot cheaper then what your budget is but service is a bit unreliable and slow at times.

    Airtel and Vodafone provide 10-12GB data for Rs1500 per month aprox. Service is great with both these operators and also Reliance is not bad but I cannot say the same for MTNL whicvh is the cheapest option. If reliability is important for you then please steer clear of Mtnl and choose one of the private 3G service providers.
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