MTNL wired broadband or MTNL WiFi broadband

Discussion in 'MTNL Broadband' started by Rims, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Rims

    Rims New Member

    I want to get a new MTNL broadband connection but I am confused to which connection I should get. The obvious choice is either the wired broadband connection or the wifi connection. I would like to know whether both the connections would give the same speed and which connection would give stable speed.
    Please also let me know whether there is a major price difference between the two as I have not inquired about the price yet.
  2. Badal

    Badal New Member

    Wired broadband connections give you a steady speed, where as with a wireless connection you will get unstable speed, but there is also a chance that the speed can be as stable as a wired connection its a matter or location and luck. A wired connection would also be more affordable than a wireless connection. In order to decide it would be good to know what your main use for a broadband connection would be.
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