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    The rave about Reliance Jio has been going for more than a year and half, with questions about when Reliance will launch their 4G services, what the tariff plans will be etc. Finally there is some news which is being provided from the Reliance Jio preview site. Reliance Jio plans start from as low as Rs1.
    The site not only provides details about the tariff plans but also the devices they will be providing.

    Here is a look at some of the plans provided by Reliance Jio.

    FIP Alpha
    The FIP Alpha plan is a FTTH connection which will give speeds of 100Mbps. This plan is said to be priced at Rs1 and give 100GB data with a validity of one month. In this pack a router gateway, router drop cable, WiFi and Ethernet will also be provided.

    FIP Alpha with WiFi and JioDrive

    The FIP Alpha with WiFi and JioDrive plan again is a FTTH plan which also provides a speed of 100Mbps and a data limit of 100GB. The validity of the plan is for one month and with the plan users will also get cloud storage of 100GB for one whole year. It is not certain but this plan may also provide a WiFi hotspot device.

    Volte Basic
    The Reliance Volte Basic plan will provide unlimited voice calls along with the Rs1099 plan showing a sports channel pack consisting of 50 channels.

    Jio WiFi Start Up Plan
    The Jio WiFi start up plan is a WiFi plan which will give users 1Gb of data through a WiFi connection

    Jio Mobility Bundle
    The Jio Mobility bundle is a plan which will provide users with a MiFi device. As an example a plan with this device will cost Rs500 for 10Gb data per month. The device on its own will cost Rs3010 and a VoLTE sim card will also be provided

    Jio MiFi Product
    The Jio MiFi device provides internet access to five devices at one go, using the WiFi connectivity . The Rs100 Jio MiFi start up plan would give users 1GB data with digital services. The device cost will be Rs2610.

    These plans are just an indications from Reliance Jio, and are subject to change, but the provided gives a good idea of what will be provided.
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  2. Admin

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    Well done :) The preview site is down now. I was also copying prices as I did-int realize you had already posted everything here. Good work mate.

    Prices look good to me and equipment is not that costly either. I hope they launch Reliance Jio 4G as soon as possible.
  3. Jittu

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    Thank Admin. That surely was a short preview by Reliance, I didn't actually realize that the site would go down and it would be operating for a very short period of time so that people can get a glimpse of the plans.
    Prices do look good, but it was very vague information, I think when the site gets officially launched it would provide much more detailed information about the plans.
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    Reliance Jio is one of the best and affordable mobile service provider throughout India. Reliance Jio also got the 4G under pan India license and going to roll out 4G service from early 2015. Let's wait and watch when and how Reliance is going to roll out its 4G service in India.
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    After Airtel , Reliance is the only 4G Service provider.
    Reliance has atleast better network connections than Airtel and vodafone.
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