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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by JoJo, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. JoJo

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    Its been around a month since I have had my Reliance Wimax broadband connection. At the time of the connection I was told that the speed would be 300kbps which it was until after 2 weeks of getting the connection, after the 2 weeks the speed was changed and became inconsistent. It was not just the speed which was the problem but also connecting to the internet was also an issue, even now this still happens.

    Reliance being such a big company take no interest or concern in their customer complaints, there were no apologies on their side or an idea of when the problem would be resolved, which shows how unprofessional Reliance is.
    One of my friends had mentioned to me that its problem which happened with someone who he knew and his speed was capped even though not even a half of the data was used. I am now thinking of terminating the connection because of these problems and getting another ISP connection.
  2. Admin

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    Reliance has a history of closing complaints without really doing anything about it. I myself had a Reliance wimax connection a while ago and every single complaint used to be closed every time I called and was given a new complaint number. It is the same with their 3G data card support as well. I dont think anyone would ever attend to your complaint. If you are getting very low speed then your only option is to look for another ISP. If it is about connecting alone then instead of switching your modem off just leave it on all the time and that initial wait which is sometimes more then 15-20 mins in some cases wont be there.

    I hope your problem gets resolved soon one way or the other.
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