Should I get a Tikona Broadband Connection?

Discussion in 'Tikona Broadband' started by Shobik, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Shobik

    Shobik New Member

    I am thinking of switching to Tikona from MTNL simply because of the frequent disconnection problems. I have had a look at Tikona broadband tariffs and seem quite reasonable especially when it comes to speed which is why I am taking this connection into consideration. However the only thing holding me back is the bad reviews which customers give about Tikona, this seems to be the only service provider which has the most complaints which makes it look bad, but then I also think that an ISP can not be perfect and there are bound to be problems. For me to be able to decide whether I should get a Tikona broadband connection I would like advice and suggestions from forum members and especially Tikona broadband users.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    The reviews you have already read are infact suggestions from Tikona users, are they not? If a company has way too many bad reviews then that means a lot of people are not happy with the service or lack of it.
    This is a very new forum and we hardly have any members so I doubt you would get any replies from those who have first hand experience. I have never used Tikona myself so cannot say. If money is not a problem then give it a try by all means but keep your MTNL connection for the time being in case Tikona doesnt work well.

    I hope this helps in making up your mind.
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