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Discussion in 'Spectranet Broadband' started by Sehdev, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Sehdev

    Sehdev New Member

    I am thinking of shifting to Spectranet broadband from BSNL broadband, as I think they have some good plans which also include unlimited plans as well. I have also called Spectranet customer service and asked them about a new connection and they informed me that on top of the monthly tariff plan there are extra charges for maintenance as well. I find this quite weird as why should one have to pay for maintenance charges when its the job of the ISP to resolve problems and all?

    Does every Spectranet customer have to pay for monthly maintenance charges?

    Is it wise for me to be switching from BSNL to Spectranet?
  2. Jittu

    Jittu New Member

    The monthly maintenance charges all depend on the operator and not Spectranet, so this has to be negotiated with the operator.

    If your BSNL is not working well enough or it is not providing a good enough service then it is better to switch ISP's.
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