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    I am from Hyderabad. I am facing frequent problems with my wired BSNL landline phone. The line becomes dead every weak. Line is noisy too. I complained to BSNL but is of no use. I tried taking a new connection with Tata, but they are not providing wired service at my location. They are not taking new requests for wireless phones. I tried to contact Reliance, but no response. I want to take BSNL WLL phone, in place of the existing wired bsnl landline. All family members have mobile phones, so just wanted to have one landline at home (other than Airtel, as all mobile SIMs are of Airtel).
    I searched for the CDMA WLL instrument but could not find a correct one. I have two questions.
    is it worth taking bsnl wll ?
    what is the cost of a wll phone instrument? ( i may browse internet using this rarely, like once in a month)
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