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    You broadband is a popular service provider in Bengaluru and one of the recent plans will provide customers with a 100Mbps connection and this plan is called WTF 100 plan. Data provided for this plan is 200GB per month. 200Gb is a lot of data, but if a user does finish all of the provided data speed will come down to 1mbps.

    Cost of the WTF 100 plan is Rs1699 per month but if a payment of Rs5099 for three months is made upfront users will get an extra 50Gb of data.

    100Mbps is a lot of speed, and I think this is the first time in India that a service provider is providing such fast speeds, it would be good if users would actually get 100Mbps throughout their usage.
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    200GB is a lot of data and even if I wanted to use it all I cannot do so in a month. If I pushed it I would still not go beyond 50-60 GB in a month. My regular usage is about 30GB per month. I dont use torrents so may be those who do might be able to hit the limit in a month but I wonder what would such people download to be able to use up all the 200GB within a month and where would they store it? Not many people have network drives.

    I like this plan but unfortunately I am not at Bangalore so will have to wait till this reaches Delhi some day.
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